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St Luke's Hospital Oxford, Registered Care Home with NursingRegistered Care Home with Nursing

St Luke’s Hospital, Oxford

New development for St Luke’s

New Entrance

In September 2016, the Trustees of St Luke’s Hospital received some very good news. Their application for planning permission to add a new floor onto the Hospital was approved by Oxford City Council – the charity is literally going up in the world!

Changes to standards for facilities such as St Luke’s, which was designed in the 1970s have also seen the charity work around its structure to ensure people have the best environment. This has seen the number of beds reduce over the years, as room sizes have limited the use of vital equipment to support its patients. Double rooms, which are no longer favoured, have been converted to single rooms which has meant some of our rooms are of a good size.

The decision to add a new floor was taken as many of our original single bedrooms are below the size required by today’s standards. The only way we could find the space to replace the bedrooms we would lose by enlarging the rooms, and had already lost, was to go up a floor. The demand for St Luke’s services has been increasing over the years, such are the quality of its services. The hospital is often at full capacity to support people who either need respite care and rehabilitation following a discharge from hospital or long-term residential living, including end of life care.

The new floor will provide 20 beds with ensuite wet-rooms, as well as a new activities room, staff facilities and a garden room. 20 bedrooms were chosen as an optimum number for staffing with nurses. St Luke’s will then have increased its bedrooms from 48 to 62.

Work will start in January 2018. To help avoid disturbing patients as much as possible, many elements of the new floor will be built off-site and craned into place. Once up and running, improvements to bedrooms and facilities on the first floor will then be made as part of phase two of the development.

The whole project will cost in the region of £5.5 million. The Trustees of St Luke’s will be asking the public for their support to help secure £1.5 million needed to fund the development. A series of fundraising events are currently being planned for 2018 to raise awareness of the appeal and the exciting new development for the charity. For details of how you can support the appeal please contact Allie Hogsbjerg, Fundraising Committee Co-ordinator allie@stlukeshosp.co.uk

New Terrace

What’s going to be built:

• 20 new ensuite bedrooms – wheelchair accessible wet-rooms will be provided in all the bedrooms on the new floor providing privacy and comfort for patients. Some bedrooms on the first floor will also be updated with wet-rooms, bringing all the bedrooms up to date in the hospital.

• Hair dressing salon and spa – how someone looks has a major impact on their emotional wellbeing. Having the opportunity to feel better about yourself is a big part of rehabilitation and end of life care. This new facility will help enhance the quality of life for patients.

• Activities room – a dedicated activities room on the second floor will enable patients to take part in a range of new activities such as garden club, craft and cookery workshops. Activities are another important part of the programme at St Luke’s helping to keep people connected and not socially isolated, especially if they live alone at home.

• Garden room – the design of the garden room will enable patients to enjoy the garden without leaving the hospital. The roof will open up so that in good weather, a patient can sit ‘in the garden’ within the hospital.

New Garden

• Training room – this new training and meeting room will support the range of different study courses for staff and provide a venue for external trainers to utilise. A new education programme will be run at St Luke’s for both internal and external staff / medical professionals to attend.

• Staff facilities – currently, there are limited changing and showering facilities within the hospital. The new facilities on each floor will provide a much better working environment for the hospital’s team of nurses, physiotherapists and volunteers.

• Efficiency improvements – a series of solar panels will be installed on the new roof to provide 40% of the hospital’s lighting. Rainwater harvesting utilising a new green living wall at the front of the building and a green roof will help insulate the building naturally as will the new floor sitting on top. If funding allows, the original boilers now over 30 years old will be replaced with more efficient models to help cut costs.

Updates on progress of the development and the fundraising appeal will follow. Please check back for news.


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